joi, 18 mai 2017

candle & chocolate

it's all about your skin escoriation
the thing that bothers me more
perhaps it should be
in a matter of a propper
way the things turned out
if that bird it wouldn't have sang
instead of a flight
which it made around and around
and time goes by
like trumbling wheels
of the cars burned out
the floor of cities streets
in the middle of the day
the very first thing that you
should have probably known
instead of waiting for some more
which it would be seemed
vanity fair among all the plays
and games of sports
and hunger by the very start
of day passing time like wind
on the couch.

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Cadouri de iarnă pentru cei dragi. Accesibilitate și utilitate cu design atrăgător la preț avantajos pentru portofelul tău.

Când șeful m-a chemat la el în birou să-mi arate noua lovitură în ceea ce privește recrutarea finalizată pentru postul pentru care găsire...