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Atonement by Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan's Atonement, Vintage, 2002, London it is a british novel listed for the Booker prize 2001, which intrigue you to discover the solution of the ecuation that the story of the book shows you as a reader. So starts your own journey to reveal what it is beyond the title of the book.  Turned page by page the book will reveal you the story of Briony and Cecilia, the two sisters Tallis from early '30,  England. In the summer of 1934, the little one, at age of 13 sees from her room window her sister strip off her clothes in front of their neighbour, Robbie Turner, in her attempt to recover the glass pieces of an old memory from their old uncle, passed away. 

The imagination of her young age will develop from that moment such a deep feeling closed to a female gelosy against her older sister because she thought that she was the one that Robbie would have rescued couple of years before when she just suddenly jumped in her country home pool, that fact giving her one false feeling that he will be her boy friend.
Justified by her common preocupation for writing short stories and theatre plays, used to perform in family home with different ocasions, Briony got angry when her mother' sister send her children, a young teenage girl of 15 years old and two twins boy about 9 to live altogether with her sister family. That because her attempt to recreate a future of her personal life, partially destroyed since her divorce by children's father, following a rich man in France, away from her main responsability as mother.
Briony's cousins, they got bored about the Tallises home rules, got scared of the more manly female chef, they tried to explore beyond the courtyard proximities to play or to keep themselves interested in doing something appropriate for their age, but when Briony tried to make them useful as actors in her play when her big brother Leon will come home, aswell as her neighbour, Robbie, the things are getting worst. The cousins become furious and attack and harm their sister when she try to calm down the situation, so it will be no play and no way to get some attention, admiration or applause from Robbie for Briony. When Leon felt useless after that episode with broken into pieces that old thing from Taliss' family whose loss affected Cecilia such hard, he tried somehow to recover his existence and meaning for the one he really cares for, Cecilia Tallis, writes some thoughts in his attempt to impress her heart. 
Unfortunately he doesn't possess to much sense of precautions and a poor, bad or unlucky coincidence creates a big mess around. As he put his wrong letter addressed to Cecilia in an envelope goes straight to Tallis home and ask the one who opened the door to him, Briony to give his letter to her elder sister, forgetting about the fact that being curious and nasty could change the destination that he intended to for his letter to the elder sister. So, the message that the wrong sister has read, makes her even more gelous and curios that manner that when the dinner was about to be served and she was sended by her mother to call her sister to attend the special family time, she discovered something horrible, something that makes her feel sick, so small and unimportant for somebody and extremely gelous. Her imagination recreates her own version about the scene that she has witnessed before and when the police was called there because the twins runaway, Robbie's profiled by Briony's words as wrapper, cruel and aggressive person sended him to prison. Even if the boys have been found after couple of hours of searching that night and Robbie the one who found them nothing could change that sentence to jail. Even if mr Tallis was a significant figure of the government, Robbie had to wait some time to heal his soul and made some justice for his own into prison cell. 

Then Cecilia left parents home and moved alone having her own life as a nurse, being closer to her lover. The world war two has began and Robbie was sended to fight on battle field, a tall, well built and high educated as him, leads his men on battle fields wherever british crown interests would have been served better. Described extremely natural as you as a reader may see a movie which played the novel story, compose heroic attitude, efforts and determination of a man unfairly treated by the people's law. Read all about it, because it is a well written book which keeps you focused to discover how it will end the novel and why it is entitled so.

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