sâmbătă, 25 mai 2019

The seventh secret by Irving Wallace

Irving Wallace's The seventh secret, Sphere Books Ltd, 1986, London it is a novel which is based upon the mith that the german dictator wasn't died after the world war two has been finished. It is the story of a british family of passionate historians who treats with the most respectful devotion their career and their job to find and reveal the truth to the world. 

When Emily's father it is strange killed under the cover of a car accident in the center of the Democratic German Republic part of Berlin, her feeling pass the sorrow and killing pain of her loss and goes on attitude keeps her in an unseen battle for the truth. Well written the story it is not just by putting altogether facts, mysteries, researches and pursuing dangerous places, actions and people, but the knowing-how it is the key to attend the main purpose. The subject it is one which creates and develops step by step if you are not a history passionate lecturer, that intrigue which makes you curious to find out more effects of what it is started as a strange, curious, but strong hypotesis which could destroy all the things that you used to know about the history and facts, also a status which could reset your own position in this life. Crimes and murders to hide all.

As a main information which it could have been for such a long time preserved, or kept out from the eyes and ears of mankind, the book catches you entirely and the pursue of the chapters it is one of your main duty as a reader who accept this challenge once you put your eyes and your hands hold it opened in front of your eyes eaggered to satisfy your thirsty about knowing how the story it ends up.

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