miercuri, 17 iulie 2019

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, the traveling story this time keeps the main theme as the old greek poems did. An american special edition from 1963, by Airmont classic collection tells all the story, of a Man. It is a parabole of becoming, a long and as much beautiful journey aswel as each step, every new chapter it is completely unknown and more difficult to pass. 

It is about hope and faith, mostly because of listening and follow parents advises as a child, the main character of the novel seems was not aware by the time that all the facts were in a real progress. Being still green and not very wise to listen, chose the difficult part of becoming, to explore and realise life's lessons by his own, away from home and relatives and all that could be named a family protective cercle. It is about being, more than just acting childish and nasty when you're about to become an adult and castaway, the supreme inner lesson that a human being could learn about existence, adapting and overpass conscience, trust, faith, hope and own the ultimate status before the biggest step, out of this journey. So, it could be named for right, Robinson Crusoe it is a prototype of exploring hero, closed to his classic antique greek literary characters. 

Read this book as a crazy fantasy of explore the world unspoken and untold and unfounded truths and mysteries, also as a prove of inner challenge to gain your own place of becoming who and what you feel it is right for yourself.It is one of the many other possibilities that art, through words and stories, as literature can provide beyond words, time, advice, family approach, or characters teaches you and even more than that proves you and make you interested in discover by yourself if you, let's just say that you could be a difficult inactive, passive or disappointed by all the life's matters. It is about a promise land that you can dream on when you are about to become from a strange child a stranger adult, so self esteem and the power of knowing yourself after you live such tremendous experiences touches your deepest being and when you finish to read the book you'll understand why it could be named the bible of this kind of travel and exploring literature and the author, for sure appreciated as a modern pioneer and a bridge through time which relates old greek antique writing to present day oevres d'art.

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